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"Arnold is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With years of IT Sales experience under his belt, Arnold exhibits strong interpersonal skills and has the ability to coach and motivate staff and ensure sales targets are met and exceeded in an Enterprise capacity. I have had the distinct pleasure to be trained by Arnold and hope we can continue to work together in future."

— Owais Qazi, MCP, Inside Account Manager, Microsoft, reported to Arnold at Microsoft


"Arnold was an excellent professional while leading our outsourced Enterprise & Public Sector Inside Sales team. Throughout his time at Microsoft, he demonstrated tremendous leadership abilities, sales coaching, sales planning & review and motivational skills. He constantly pushes his team to drive value and his results-oriented nature leads him to overachieving his team's targets. Arnold is a fantastic business partner, coach and leader - one that I have learned so much from, especially around sales management and leadership. It was a pleasure working with Arnold and I would recommend him to any organization looking for a Sales Leader to help partner with the business and drive growth."

— Adi Morun, Enterprise Sales Excellence Analyst & Enterprise Inside Sales Business Manager, Microsoft Canada, managed Arnold at Microsoft


"More than a manager, Arnold has been a true career coach to me. I am proud to say that Arnold contributed to enhance my skill set at many levels, especially at dealing with C+ level individuals & managing business priorities. Thanks for everything!"

— David-Alexandre Thibault St-Pierre, Enterprise Inside Account Manager - Commercial & Public Sector, Microsoft, reported to Arnold at Microsoft


"Arnold is an exceptional manager of people, processes and priorities. At Microsoft, Arnold was able to balance the needs of our business with the needs/desires our team while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction in our accounts. Arnold showed consistent leadership through speech and built team trust through his actions. Arnold helped me efficiently organize the complexity of managing multiple product quotas, vendor and internal relationships and ultimately drive business forward. Thank you, Arnold :)"

— Geoff Wilson, Business Development Manager - Microsoft Canada WPS Team, Microsoft, reported to Arnold at Microsoft


"Arnold was the most influential manager that I've been fortunate enough to work with so far. Someone whose passion for continuous self-improvement and growth is completely inspirational and contagious, Arnold is one of those rare people who inspires and motivates every step of the way. In doing so, he inspires everyone around him to do the same. Amazing mentor, leader, teacher.. "A rising tide lifts all boats.""

— Ruxandra Grigorescu, Account Executive, Transperfect Translations, reported to Arnold at IBM (2010 - 2012) 


"Arnold is a constant example of a manager that embraces challenges, demonstrates personal leadership and serves as a role model to motivate others. Not only does he lead by example but he also drives his manager peers and our team to do the same. He consistently rises to the challenge, and enables others to reach their highest potential. With his positive problem-solving thinking, his motivational abilities, as well as his knowledge of the business, Arnold will enable any team he manages to reach their highest potential. Arnold is an active member of his community, volunteering with high-risk youth and sharing his stories of success while providing a positive example for them to follow. It is the influence through expertise that is seen not only outside of work, but on a daily basis within the team he leads."

— Anh Thu Tran, Software Sales Specialist, IBM Canada, reported to Arnold at IBM Canada Ltd. (2010 - 2012)


"It's easy for me to make this recommendation because Arnold makes it so easy. I have never met someone so dedicated and passionate about achieving high business results all while maintaining compassion and integrity in the relationships he has built. His ability to motivate and get the best out of the people he manages is one of his strongest qualities. You will not go wrong with Arnold in your organization."

— Andrea Winter C.H.R.P, IBM Executive Resource Partner, worked with Arnold indirectly at IBM Canada Ltd.


"I have had the pleasure to work for Arnold from May 2010 - current. Arnold's relentless passion for the team is hard to describe in this small section. He has been thoroughly involved in managing our team with ultimate professionalism, dedication and leadership. He leads by example in embracing challenges especially with the demanding changes in the business. Arnold acknowledges the fact that every individual is different on the team therefore he taps into their potential and gives them an opportunity to shine. In Arnold's leadership I have had an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and abilities. On the whole, Arnold is a complete package and a role model and it has been an honor to be a part of his team."

— Gayathri Sridhar, Software Renewals, Inside Sales, IBM Software Group, IBM Canada Ltd., reported to Arnold at IBM Canada Ltd. (2010-2012)


"I had the pleasure to work as Arnold's team lead and witness his talent as a sales professional and people manager. Arnold brings a high level of passion and dedication to everything he does. His energy and belief in what he is doing is contagious. He brings creativity, drive and leadership to all projects. He is a highly competitive sales leader who is a strategic thinker with a collaborative approach. He uses his intellect and business acumen to consistently drive results and overachieve objectives. Arnold is a strong leader who has an innate ability to motivate and influence people with a great deal of focus on developing his employees. Arnold would be an asset to any team who desires a manager who will exceed goals and develop future leaders. I enjoyed working for Arnold and I would recommend him for any managerial position. Thanks Arnold!"

— Stephanie Monk,  , Financial Channel Executive, IBM Canada Ltd., reported to Arnold at IBM Canada Ltd. (2010-2012)


"Arnold is a true leader who continually demonstrates passion for the business and strategic thinking to move the business forward. He creates a positive environment of teamwork and collaboration for his employees and provides them with opportunities for growth and continuous skill development. As a manager, Arnold strikes a balance of driving exceptional business results utilizing his operational and sales background while inspiring and motivating his team to be successful. Overall his leadership and business acumen will prove to be an asset to any organization."

— Michelle Agard, HR Partner, IBM Canada Ltd., worked with Arnold at IBM Canada Ltd.


"Inspirer, motivator and a people’s manager, that is how I would describe Arnold Flowers. I have known him for almost 6 years and he has been a great motivator and influencer throughout my career. He has giving me feedback and guidance to go beyond my comfort to shine my ability which has brought me to where I am now at IBM. He is a manager who has the knack to understand each person’s ability and brings out the best in each one of us. He always provided feedback and supported us to turn our weakness in to our goals and made sure each one of succeeded. His feedback has not only helped me overcome my weakness, but go above and beyond my role where others can see my capabilities. His remarkable coaching techniques motivated and encouraged each one of us to bring out the best and created a team full of motivated and talented individuals to drive success for IBM. Not only his managing style, but his persuasive humor created an environment where each and every one of us feels comfortable and joyful working together. Thank you Arnold for all your support, guidance and encouragement throughout my career, you made a difference!"

— Jinietha Karuna, Software Renewals Sales Rep, IBM, reported to Arnold at IBM Canada Ltd. (2005-2008), (2010-2012)


"Arnold was one of the best managers that I have had the pleasure to work with. Arnold hired me into my first role at IBM. I worked on the team for 6 months in a sales admin role. Arnold had a clear strategy and he always communicated expectations and goals to individuals and the team. I was never left guessing what I needed to do or where to focus. His door was always open to the team, with career goals and guidance being a regular topic. He was well respected and trusted by his team and colleagues. The team culture was a work hard/ play hard attitude where everybody helped each other succeed and focused on work, but had fun doing it. When an opportunity to be promoted came up Arnold was supportive and did everything he could to help me, even though I was on his team for such a short period of time and he would have to work to find a replacement. Arnold is a true asset and excellent manager that any company would be lucky to have."

— Andrew Gnoinski, Account Manager, NetApp, reported to Arnold at IBM (2007)


"As a team leader under Arnold's management, I have learned that leadership is not only achieving business goals but also about integrity and inspiration. For many years Arnold has been able to achieve success in different projects by gaining the trust and respect of his team and provide direction by conveying a strong vision of the future. I would recommend Arnold for any role that is challenging and requires great leadership skills to mobilizes a team and achieve the objectives of the organization. Thank you Arnold for being a great role model and I look forward to work with you again."

— Maryam Mesbah PMP®, Project Manager, 360, reported to Arnold at IBM (2005-2007)


"Under Arnold's leadership, I learned to keep pushing myself to achieve my goals. Arnold's attention to detail, and ability to rally his employees to achieve a common objective is remarkable. Without his guidance and words of encouragement, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thanks Arnold!"

— Dwayne Ricketts, Account Manager, NewComp Solutions, reported to Arnold at IBM (2006-2007)


"While reporting to Arnold as my Team Lead he motivated the team to exceed our goals and to look at challenges as an opportunity to innovate. Arnold's dedication to the team members individual success as well as the teams overall success exceeded all expectations. I will gladly recommend Arnold as he would be a great addition to any team."

— Jennifer McCarthy, Renewals Data Specialist,, reported to Arnold at IBM (2005-2006)


"Arnold is a senior sales manager who always had his staff motivated and very driven to achieve results. I observed that he created an atmosphere which lead to high performance. On several occasions I had to work with Arnold to implement a process and always found him to be a team player, out of the box thinker and most importantly ready to execute the ideas."

— Dave Medley, Application Platform Solution Specialist, Microsoft, worked with Arnold at IBM (2002)


"Arnold, Is a talented manager whose leadership and organizational skills were invaluable to our business segment. He is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. His diligence and work ethic was infectious as he developed and trained his staff to share the same mindset, and always kept us on target to achieve our team objectives."

— Diarra Jerome, Enterprise Inside Sales Manager, IBM, reported to Arnold at IBM (2003)


"Arnold was my team leader when I first joined IBM. Arnold was instrumental in first helping me transition into the IBM organization, and learn the role and responsibilities of the job. As a team lead Arnold was outstanding. His ability and willingness to assist and guide myself and his other reps was critical to both my personal success and that of our team. An outstanding person, and business leader, I would not hesitate to recommend Arnold. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

— Ami Jacobson, Client Services Manager, Great Exposure Inc., reported to Arnold at IBM (2002)