Alftroika Consulting Group

Alftroika Consulting Group

The Alftroika Consulting Group offers small business owners & entrepreneurs a high-quality resource for business coaching and professional development.

Career Advancement Consulting Services:

Consulting Career Conversation

Discussion on industry outlook, company culture, hiring plans, etc. Giving you a better understanding on what's expected of candidates and new hires. Penalty free environment to ask sensitive questions without fear of reprisal.

Consulting Resume Critique

Review of your cover letter and resume. Provide constructive feedback and propose improvements. You will be given opportunity to follow-up with questions.

Consulting Mock Interview

Background knowledge required: your resume, any prior feedback you've received, the jobs interviewing for, and what you'd like to focus on. Next step would be to spend the time preparing you for your interview. This would entail a mock-interview (while focusing on the feedback). You'll be provided with an opportunity to follow up in the 24 hours after the call.